At Pillars Design, we firmly believe that a successful interior design solution is one that is unique to the client’s vision and meets all of their objectives.

Interior Design in Dubai

A Range of Solutions, a Network of Sources

We bring to the table years of experience in implementing various types of interior design solutions in the UAE. We are fully aware that each project requires a unique and individualised process. By attentively listening to and immersing ourselves in our client’s vision and objectives, we are able to better fulfill their goals.

Successful interior design projects are those that create a lasting positive impression on people that interact with the spaces where they live, work, and play. Pillars offers a full range of interior design services, from concept to detailed design and fit-out services. We are indeed a one-stop-shop.

Building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients is the cornerstone to successful interior design and fit-out projects.

We sincerely believe that mutual respect and trust are the seeds of these relationships that, once nurtured, produce long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships.

Research & Collaboration

Each project at Pillars starts with an in-depth analysis of the client’s needs and other stakeholders’ requirements. Researching and anticipating users’ needs is crucial for building trust and long-term communication. We incorporate the latest design and product trends as well as our experience into singular projects that we deliver in Doha and other cities efficiently and effectively.

Another pillar fundamental to project success is our commitment to a philosophy of interdisciplinary collaboration. By taking advantage of each other’s diverse experience and knowledge, our engineers, architects, and interior designers are able to deliver actionable and realistic solutions with fantastic results.

Whether you are designing your space for the first time or you are interested in interior redesign, our team will conduct a careful analysis of your site.

Commissioning our world-class designers and making use of our finest resources, we will work together with you and experts across various fields to give your project the results you have always dreamed of.

Why Hire a Professional Internet Designer?

Expertise in Room Decoration and Interior Design

While it’s not uncommon to use “interior designer” and “interior decorator” interchangeably, these two approaches are more different than similar.

Interior decoration is the art of furnishing a space, polishing it with effective details within the limits of its functionality. An interior decorator can improve the final appearance and existing space. However, decorators do not design project elements by themselves and do not perform fit-outs.

Interior design is the science which utilises art, creativity, technical expertise and in-depth industry knowledge, to help property owners create not just an aesthetically appealing but also highly functional space. Interior designers work closely with engineers and architects and possess vast experience in the technical details within the construction industry.

In Pillars, we offer a broad range of services from both fields, aimed to successfully answer any kind of challenge.

Cost-Effective Projects

Interior designers envision everything you really want from space’s look and feel, from the form to the function. It is a multi-step process that requires time and devotion. Interior designing done by impulse might turn out to be the complete opposite of what you have imagined, and performing individual tasks by yourself can result in a need for a complete iteration.

Our professional service implies a broad perspective, from space utilisation, concept inspiration and style, to furnishing and final decoration. By putting together a whole range of right decisions to set up the proper appearance of the entire picture, our interior designers prevent the risk and consequences of incorrect and impulsive decisions.

Interior designers have access to exclusive products, not always available to the public. With these resources, we create unique spaces tailored just for you, instead designing with off-the-shelf/typically available products owned and used by everyone else. This way, we add value to each room and increase the overall worth of your entire place.

We always recommend utilising designs and products (energy-efficient, recyclable, etc.) that have the smallest carbon footprint. We know how to take advantage of the right kind of materials including, sanitary ware, window treatments, lighting fixtures, to make your space energy-efficient and cost-effective in the years to come.

In Pillars, we actively listen and turn your dreams into a highly practical reality. Every item is measured, planned, and curated to work in harmony. This way, you minimize the risk of falling victim to costly mistakes.

Time-Effective Works

One of the advantages of hiring a professional interior designer is our ability to apply a broad set of skills to your project in order to implement a smooth and efficient process. An extensive network of industry contact is necessary within the commercial design niche, to follow and keep up to date with the various trends. Our teams are experts in time management, organisation and communication within the industry.

We strive to use all of our accumulated resources as efficiently as possible. We work closely with architects and consultants as well a maintaining a broad network of contractors and specialists, all of whom feature formal training and experience in their field.

Pillars Design puts the expertise of all our collaborators at your disposal, not just to save your time in individual decisions but to speed up the entire project as a whole.

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