Whatever window treatments you're after for your home, our range of customised curtains, tracks, poles and blinds services make choosing simple.

Interior Design in Dubai

Specializing in all types of curtains, from houses, apartments, Royal Residences, restaurants and Offices to Colleges. All our teams speak English and arabic that will make it easier for you to communicate and understand your requirements and also they will advise you with what is the better for you. Our main goal is to customize the curtains you want, from the fabric you choose to the color, material, fabric and style. All what you have to do is book a free consultation to make it clearer to you.

We are offering two types of appointments that will provide a combination of practical measuring, design and technical advice, either with a visit from one of our estimators (in-home) or remotely with one of our estimators via our virtual service (video or phone call).


Once you’ve decided on your fabric and curtain or blind type, you may find an in-home estimating appointment will help you to take the next step.


If you would prefer, we can offer a new virtual appointment, with one of our expert estimators via video call or a phone call. This will offer the same as an in-home appointment to understand your needs without visiting you at home.


For in-home estimating appointments you need to choose your selected fabric and curtain, pole, track or blind type before booking. The in home appointment is particularly useful if the window treatment is more complicated or you are wanting multiple estimates to be completed for window treatments in your home. You can use our online booking form to book an in-home appointment. Our estimator will visit your home and they will measure up the work for you and discuss your needs.

If you’d prefer a virtual appointment, then opt for our video or call back service. This service is appropriate for use when the estimate is for a single or small number of window treatments in the home and where the windows are standard with few complications. During the appointment you will speak directly to one of our estimators either via a video link or phone call and they will be able to advise you on suitability, make suggestions to match your budget and will guide you, through measuring.

To select this service complete the online booking form for a virtual appointment.

If you are looking for design advice then we can support you with this too. Perhaps you are restyling a room or parts of your home, or simply in need of some inspiration, then you may want to consider our Home Design service. Our Home Design stylists can advise on solutions for fabric choices, home decor styling, use of colours, soft furnishings and accessories.

For in-home appointments, one of our estimators will visit you at home, usually within 5 days and will provide you with a no-obligation quote that includes:

  • Measuring is completed by the estimator
  • The price of your window decor choice
  • The cost of fitting by us if you have requested this
  • Any preparation which needs to happen
  • The price of any additional services

If you opt for our virtual appointment, you will:

  • Receive a video or phone call appointment with one of our estimators
  • Be guided on how to measure your window
  • Be given a guide price over the phone, using the cost of product choice and any requested cost of fitting.
  • And if you decide to proceed, the estimator will provide you with a no-obligation quote within 24 hours, which will include the cost of any additional services.

If you’ve decided to choose our fitting service, then once you’ve accepted your estimate, we’ll take payment and order your window decor. When your order is in, we will book a convenient time for one of our approved fitters to carry out the work of installing your window treatment.

You start enjoying your beautiful new curtains or blinds and we leave you with the added peace of mind that all of our installations come with a 2-year guarantee.

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